Welcome to my professional website! I am a multipotentialite feminist, which is a person who believes in equal rights and dignity for women [feminist] and who excels in several fields and disciplines [multipotentialite]. I am a model, actor, poet, artist, painter, designer, comedian, activist, writer and entrepreneur! Subscribe to see all premium content for however much I am currently charging. (Aw darn. You have to pay me for my work. Sucks.) This is a recurring subscription charge. Cancel anytime. View my comedy blog, read about my 1.5 year solo female backpacking trip through Mexico, see my solo female safe travel tips, check out my modeling galleries, read feminist articles I have written under the Topics tab, see my about page [Herstory], and more!


I named my blog THE BARE TITS BLOG™ in honor of female empowerment and liberation, the #FreeTheNipple movement & the “radical” feminist belief that women should have the rights & privileges as men do, including the option to tan their bare chests wherever it’s legal for men to do the same, because gender equality, bitches! Feminism: equality of rights, dignity, attention and sexual pleasure among the sexes. A society is only as advanced as it is feminist, cruelty-free and treats everyone with equal dignity and respect. Chivalry still applies. Yes men should still open the door for women. What else do you think your arm muscles are for, except for picking us up when we want to see something far away?

There is no nudity on this website right now except for my side boob in one photo and pictures of me in a swim suit. The name of my blog is not a promise to see my bare tits, it’s just a metaphor. Did you say dinosaur? No, metaphor. All current free pages include: Hello!, Calendar, Comedy, Topics, Tips, Galleries, Travel, Store, Herstory, Bio and maybe a few others. I don’t know. But if you like my work or just want to treat me to lunch because you like me, you can tip me through the Dumb Tips page. You must be at least 18 years old to subscribe to my website due to the adult nature of some of my articles. Below this intro are some photos from my modeling and acting career and my travels across Mexico. My full acting and modeling gallery is on the Model Gallery page under Galleries. 


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Much Love!

Lindsey Hanna Green