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Dumb Hobo Club™

Welcome to Dumb Hobo Club™. We are working to eradicate homelessness in America. On this page I dispute lies which perpetuate the egregious treatment of poor people. Homeless people are human beings and all human beings deserve access to: (1) housing, (2) food, (3) healthcare, (4) transportation and (5) education. Lie #1: Homelessness is a choice. Homelessness is not a choice. And if you really think people ‘choose’ homelessness, give people a right to housing and see which choice they make. Would you choose to be homeless? Would you go sleep on the street? No one wants to live like that and no one should be forced to live that way.

Reasons for homelessness: (1) there is not always a current job on the market compatible with the person’s skills; (2) people go through unexpected experiences in life, like the loss of a job and don’t have any savings to pay rent; (3) people leave abusive housing situations/partners and have nowhere to go; (4) people become sick and can’t afford healthcare; (5) veterans come home from war, cannot work and end up on the street. Awful. Despicable. Unacceptable. Wrong. People die from homelessness and further this is not a compassionate or ethical way to treat people. Compassion and kindness are key to the survival of the human race as a whole, and moreover, people require a private space where they can rest, read, store their belongings and medications, take a shower, make/store food, escape the elements, and take care of themselves that should not be tied to employment. They just deserve it because people deserve basic human rights for existing, like a safe place to sleep at night.

Lie #2: “People won’t work if they have a right to housing”. Poverty does not make people productive, just angry, anxious, depressed and stressed out. It worsens already deteriorating mental health and further, breeds crime. Additionally, it is not okay to condemn people for being unlucky, different, unhealthy or for being unable to get a job at a particular time in their lives. Are you willing to risk someone else’s life on the bet that homelessness is a choice? Because people are dying from this, unnecessarily. Also, everyone and everything is connected. Other people’s suffering impacts you too. Does it make you feel good to see someone else suffering? No, it makes you feel bad. Everyone’s feelings and life experiences are intertwined and therefore, they matter, so homelessness does matter and people’s suffering does matter. No one is an independent entity in the Universe. We are all connected, so we should start acting like it.

Other people’s suffering should not be ignored. It should be eradicated instead. And, people function best when they are treated well and feel valued. Feeling valued makes people more productive, not less. Lie #3: It’s okay to extort people to work. No. Extortion is illegal. We actually still have a system based on forced labor. After all these years, America still functions on slavery. It’s just without the whips and chains, and instead, they’ll just deny you access to services which fulfill vital needs, like housing! And, if you get fired or cannot find a job, you are condemned to sleep on the street and face homicide, rape and disease. That affects everyone, and no one should be extorted, especially when facing circumstances out of their control.

Lie #4: “It is socialist to guarantee housing.” America has several socialist, anti-poverty initiatives that are very effective: (1) the right to an education K -12, (2) the right to an attorney if you are arrested and convicted of a crime, (3) the right to receive medicaid & food stamps if you are low-income (4) the right to social security. These prevent poverty and reduce crime. Socialist policies fight poverty and crime. That’s why those policies are still around. They work. And people do too when you invest in them.

Lie #5: No one has a right to privacy. Actually, everyone has the right to privacy guaranteed by the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution; that includes the right to a private, clean, safe dwelling. People do not need a large place to have a kitchen, sink, stove, microwave, shower, desk, chair and bed. This is enough to be productive and safe. Every human deserves a dignified, basic lifestyle that does not depend on their ability to work. Everyone deserves to live a dignified life, and that means having their basic needs met, and that starts with housing.

Homelessness eradication (1) decreases people’s mood disorders (2) lowers the rate of suicide & homicide and (3) lowers crime, violence & petty theft. Therefore, everyone is safer when everyone is guaranteed basic services to keep them alive. Also, you don’t know how you will benefit, in direct and indirect ways, from investing in and helping other people, and you don’t know what someone else is capable of until you give them a chance, and people can surprise you. They really can. What’s best for everyone is also what’s best for you, not just what’s best for you.

Lie #6: “They can stay in a shelter.” Uh, why are people sleeping on the sidewalk if they can stay in a shelter? People lose everything when they become homeless and have to walk from place to place with whatever they can carry on their back or push in a cart. No one should be forced to beg for donations or hold fundraisers to pay for their medical bills or rent, especially not when rich people live so lavishly with ten yachts and five homes and have a moral duty to re-invest back into the country that made them so rich. It is rich people’s moral duty to make sure everyone’s basic needs are met before they enjoy luxury. Rich people should not have access to immense wealth and hundreds of billions of dollars when others have absolutely no housing and sleep on the sidewalk.

The Dumb Hobo Club™ helps unhoused people secure a place to live by giving them no-questions asked cash, which most poor people use to invest in themselves and rise up, not (Lie #7:) buy drugs and alcohol. This is actually a lie perpetuated by rich people so that they don’t have to give back to people who made them so rich in the first place. Homelessness is a pandemic that steals people’s lives and we can end it. Donate today to the Dumb Hobo Club™ to help Homeless people on the Dumb Funds™ page. Your donations are split up evenly among the five feminist causes listed under Dumb Funds™.