Help women escape abusive dumb punks.

It can be difficult for women to leave their partners because of:

  1. Death threats.
  2. Entry level jobs don’t pay enough to live on.
  3. No funds for safe travel.
  4. Shelters can be dangerous and tyrannical.
  5. Psychologically abused and no longer aligned with reality.
  6. Believes her partner is “the best she can do”
  7. Believes her partner will change.
  8. Guilt tripped to not leave someone she has claimed to love
  9. Lives in an oppressed country where women are not educated or allowed to live without men.
  10. 75% of women who are murdered by domestic abusers are murdered because they tried to leave, not stay. They are punished for leaving. Do you feel bad yet for saying “why don’t you just leave”? You should. It’s tone deaf.

These are only a few of the obstacles women face when trying to leave abusive partners. Not all abusive partners are abusive in the beginning & many women do not know they are entering into an abusive relationship when it first begins. People can hide a lot of things about themselves. Alleviate the strain on women who try to leave abusive partners and helps them afford shelter and other expenses to start over. Abusive partners can seem normal at first and then reveal themselves later. They brainwash the female into thinking she “needs” the abuser, he is the only person who will ever “love” her, she will never find anyone better, the abuser won’t let the victim work or develop skills, so she has no money to leave him, etc. The abuser will also tell the victim to stay with him as a “test” of her love and loyalty to him and the woman, after being emotionally manipulated, can become no longer mentally aligned with reality as the abuse becomes routine. Many women are unable to leave because they have no money or no resources, and leaving one abuser to hit the street and be abused as a homeless woman by other abusers can be even more dangerous.

One reason men hurt women is because of the false sense of superiority it gives them to put others down. However, there is ABSOLUTELY nothing superior about hurting someone, and verbal abuse is just as harmful as physical abuse. Physical abuse leaves scars you can see and emotional abuse leaves scars you cannot. Scars are scars even if you cannot see them! Verbal abuse includes name-calling like “dumb bitch,” “whore,” “cunt,” etc. Women can also be guilty of verbal abuse & physical abuse toward men too, but since men are generally stronger and more violent than women, they are more likely to be the fatal threat in an abusive relationship, and women are more likely to be victims that need help escaping. A note to Dumb Punks: you choose to hurt and abuse women; the act of hitting or beating another human being is a choice, even if you are drunk or under the influence of drugs. Being under the influence is not an acceptable excuse to hurt someone else. It will never be. We are all accountable for our choices and how they affect other people. To make it easier for women to leave abusive relationships, donate to my Charities page! Help women escape from dumb punks who threaten their lives. Join us today by making your donation. Your donations are split up among the causes listed on the page.

Thanks you.