Your donation helps low-income women afford an abortion. Abortions save lives. ELECTIVE ABORTION SHOULD BE FREE AND COVERED BY THE GOVERNMENT.

Abortion saves lives because:

(1) Abortion is required for fertility treatments like IVF for people who cannot conceive

(2) Fetal tissue donated from abortion is used for scientific research to eradicate disease and improve quality of life for those with disabilities

(3) Abortion can women escape poverty and abusive relationships

(4) Abortion can help women stay in school longer if they don’t have help and financial resources

(5) Abortion allows women to control the spacing of their children and start a family when they are ready.

Therefore, elective abortion is a good thing! It should be celebrated, not vilified!

Only B&W photos on this page to honor all women who have died because they could not get an abortion. Shame on society for letting women die. Stupid church.

Abortion also saves the lives of women who are in emotional distress and are suicidal at the thought of being forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy. Abortion saves the lives of those who might attempt an at-home abortion. procedure. Abortion is the the most environmentally friendly option as humans use up the world’s resources at an unsustainable rate. Additionally, abortion is 14X safer than pregnancy and childbirth and no one should be forced to risk their life, or suffer through the pain of childbirth, just to bring another person into the world if they don’t want to! That is slavery, and women are not your slaves and their bodies belong to no one but themselves! They deserve respect as the full human beings that they are. Punks.

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Abortion should be legal, safe and free, in every country on earth. Abortion is healthcare. It’s a safe, life-saving, medically necessary procedure. Unfortunately, the mostly male-run governments of the world treat women like they are cows. They want women to be forced breeders who cannot control their own reproduction, just like cows! Moo! They to want to hijack and steal women’s reproductive abilities by deciding, against the will of the woman, who is born and who is not, which is something the woman was born to decide because it is her body which brings life into the world, not theirs! Also, FYI, women are not cows. So there is that logic as well.

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It is not ethical to force anyone to have a baby just as it is not ethical to force anyone to use their body to keep someone else alive. Even if one person shoots another in their kidneys, the shooter is not forced to donate a kidney to save the life of the person they shot. The only topic where it is considered that one person be forced to use their body to keep someone else alive is abortion. The argument for a forced host is not applied to any other circumstance besides abortion and women. Therefore, the forced pregnancy argument is illegitimate because it is discriminatory. It only applies to women and not to men.

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Women are the backbone of human civilization and bear the burden of producing every single human being on earth. They have done that since the dawn of humankind. Every single person that ever lived was produced by a woman, and upon threat of death from childbirth. Pregnancy, childbirth and the creation of a human being is a heavy honor in every respect: psychologically, emotionally and physically, and raising a child is hard. If women choose not to experience this, they should not be forced to do it. That is wrong. Forcing unwanted pregnancy is wrong. You are forcing the person into mortal danger to produce an unwanted human life. That is worse than rape. You are forcing the brutal pain of childbirth and risk of death on a woman to birth a person into the world that the mother does not want.

So women are weak and inferior? Where do you think you come from? Have you ever watched a woman give birth, in all her tears and screams, with the river of blood pouring out of her body, as she bravely risks her life with every breath to bring another person into the world? And you call women the inferior sex?! Shame.

Let women make their own choices in life. Not allowing women liberty and freedom hurts everyone. When women are not allowed to pursue their dreams, everyone is denied their maximum potential, even those who attempt to hold them back. Everything and everyone in the Universe is cosmically connected. When you deny one person their full potential, you deny it to everyone, and, you don’t know what you are missing out on by denying someone else the chance to follow their dreams and reach their full potential. It is an act against your own self-interest, because your own self-interest lies in giving everyone maximum control over their own bodies and personal destiny.

Let Girls Learn. And fuck and stuff.

HELP! RAPE! Forcing pregnancy and childbirth on a woman is worse than rape because instead of forcing something into her body, you are forcing something out of her, and, after forcing her to carry it for 9 months, and then, you are making her risk her life to birth it. You are torturing and killing people by forcing them to carry unwanted pregnancies. You are treating them like slaves and animals with no agency to their own bodies. There is no sanctity of life when you are forcing women to risk their lives to carry to term an unwanted ball of cells.

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There are also permanent damages & changes to a woman’s body that take place during pregnancy & childbirth. Sometimes the mother’s vagina and uterus have to be cut open. A woman’s body is never the same after she gives birth. It is also dangerous because doctors sometimes don’t even sew up women correctly and leave permanent damage to their bodies. Some women suffer from depression after giving birth. Other things happen too, like the modified shape of the woman’s body, the stretch marks left on her skin, painful intercourse, etc. Nobody should be forced to experience such things if they don’t WANT to, and not wanting to experience something IS a legitimate reason to not experience it. Letting women get an abortion is a good thing. It is the most respectful thing to do, for everyone. Oh, the father? He gave up his sperm and it does not belong to him anymore. It belongs to her to do with what she wishes because it is now inside of her body, not his. It no longer belongs to him if it is now inside another human being, just like any other blood or organ donation.

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Once it becomes a full human being and is born, of course fathers have a right to exercise their paternal rights. But until that star matter leaves the womb after 9 months and remains inside of a woman, it is the female’s choice to decide what to do with it. Further, does anyone EVER force men to create Life? Does anyone EVER rape men in an effort to create Life? No. Further, women are multi-world spirits born into human bodies which can make people, so it is they who are meant to decide who comes into this world and who does not, and when. That power was not made to be hijacked or stolen by men. It is meant to be respected and left alone. The woman is the only person who has the right to grant the being growing inside of her personhood. Not the government or an uneducated, corrupt, sexist, religious icon who has never lived Life as a Woman; not her tyrannical parents or her abusive partner, and, oh, certainly, not a predatory, corrupt, out of touch, PAID OFF politician who lives in his own little fantasy world of yachts, prostitutes and cocaine. Unfortunately, the longer abortion and a woman’s right to PROTECT HER OWN LIFE remains “controversial”, women die, because they are denied dignity, and risk of death worsens as skin color darkens due to systemic racism making it harder for women to access the care they need when they need it.

Up close and personal.

No one should be forced to host to anyone else inside their bodies just as no one is forced to host anyone else inside their homes. Your home belongs to you just as much as your body does, and both are a sacred right. You have the right to dignity and privacy and no one has the right to take either from you, because they belong to you, and you alone. In an unwanted pregnancy, the fetus is an unwanted body that needs to be extracted. In a wanted pregnancy, in contrast, the fetus is granted personhood by the mother and referred to as a baby. The woman decides whether the fetus is a baby, in which case it is a legitimate pregnancy, or whether it is unwanted and should be removed and donated to science to help other people overcome health problems because she does not want it. The adoption theory: You force on a woman the choice to: (1) keep a baby she cannot afford to raise because she is too poor AND force her to give up an education and pursuit of her dreams to raise an unwanted child, or (2) give up a baby she birthed and loves to a STRANGER. Nice choice. Jerk. Next.

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The religious theory: “It’s a life. You had sex. There are consequences.” First of all, the Bible was written 2000 years ago when it was still okay to rape and stone people and has always been used to control, debase and abuse women, so that is not a legitimate source to use as a moral or ethical compass. Second of all, forcing women to face potential death through pregnancy and the absolute brutal pain of childbirth for having had sex and experienced pleasure with a consensual partner, is wrong. Third, an embryo is a ball of cells, not a person. I am a person. You are a person. An embryo is not a fully formed person, with feelings, memories and a central nervous system. Idiot. Fourth, a child should not be bought into the world as a “CONSEQUENCE.” This is demeaning to that child, and the mother.

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Further, it is not the minister having sex, getting pregnant by accident, choosing to spend 9 months being pregnant, risking his life to endure the pain of childbirth, pushing an entire human being out of his vagina, and then raising the child after having dropped out of school and/or putting on hold his entire career while living in poverty, or, choosing to give up a child he could not take care of himself. MEN NEVER HAVE TO ENDURE THE CHOICES THAT THEY FORCE ON WOMEN. It sure is sure easy for people who have no idea what they are talking about force their beliefs on other people and ruin their lives. People have a right to have sex. Women have a right to fuck, and they should be allowed to do it without being forced to carry a child afterwards. Also, how is it even legal men are allowed legislate something they don’t understand and have never experienced for themselves? We give birth to men. Men do not give birth to us. As far as I am concerned, men should only either be helpful, or stay out of the fucking way.

Dreams of a triumphant future for women.

No one likes abortion. No one looks forward to it. And no one does it for fun. No one likes having an invasive procedure done to them. No one likes a colonoscopy. But it saves lives. And even more than a colonoscopy, abortion allows women to choose their own destiny in life. Abortion is freedom (I can finish my career). Abortion is liberty (no lasting ties to an abusive partner). Abortion is a life-saving emergency measure (preeclampsia). Abortion is life-giving (IVF). Abortion is better for the planet (fewer resources consumed). Therefore, elective abortion is GOOD. And allowing people to live freely with maximum control over their health and lives would allow society to finally flourish at its peak.

That face you make when they tell you to smile while forcing upon you the potential threat of death and pain of childbirth after your have sex because they don’t care about your life, feelings or healthcare, deny you access to abortion and contraceptives via legally or financially, leave you no right to privacy, dignity or pleasure or the chance to pursue your dreams to the same extent men can, don’t listen to you when you complain about it, and then expect you to somehow not become a completely shitfaced crazy fucking hysterical sociopathic bitch. The joker should be cast as a female.

Women’s bodies don’t belong to anyone else. Women do not belong to their governments, their husbands, their churches, their parents or their partners. They belong to themselves. Elective abortion is what’s best for women, and what’s best for women is what is best for everyone. Elective abortion is a lifesaver, and society needs to finally embrace that. FURTHER, THE DEATH OF A BALL OF CELLS THAT A WOMAN DID NOT WISH TO KEEP ALIVE AND TO WHICH SHE HAD NO EMOTIONAL TIES IS NOT SAD. THE DEATH OF A WOMAN WHO COULD NOT GET AN ABORTION, FOR WHATEVER REASON, IS SAD.

Fun mirror photo shoots. Do you think men ever look at themselves in the mirror and go ‘Oh wow. I’m wrong. I should apologize and change’. I will walk naked through the streets when this finally happens.

STOP SEX SHAMING, slut shaming & forcing people to risk their lives for having pursued a basic biological urge with a consensual partner. This is a violation of basic human rights. You are torturing and killing people for having sex and telling people to be abstinent to avoid unwanted pregnancy, which is completely ineffective. It is not moral to condemn people for pursuing healthy biological urges with consensual partners because you are trying to deny someone else their ability to experience pleasure. Hormones drive people to have sex, just like it drives them to eat and sleep; it took millions of years for hormones to work the way they do, so it is cruel and unfair to use unwanted pregnancy as a way to punish people for having pursued long-evolved biological urges to experience pleasure, and it is even more insidious to deny an abortion to woman following a nonconsensual encounter.

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The patriarchy has false ethics which are inferior to those of feminism. That is why they fear it. Women now have the right to vote, own land, have a bank account, pursue an education, build a career and have children when they want. The patriarchy hates it because they only want ‘dumb bitches’ who will do whatever they want, when they want it. It is the epitome of selfishness. To hide this, they say women are ‘too emotional’ to be in charge and not fit to make their own choices. This debases women and empowers the patriarchy to act regardless of moral, psychological & emotional implications on the female sex and gender.

Male logic: if women have to depend men to access resources because they are not allowed to work and/or do not earn equal wages for the same job men work, then women have to rely on men for resources and what do men want in return? Blowjobs. Sex. Maids. Children. The patriarchy is a scam to control women, get sex and have children against the will of the female, or else access to basic necessities like housing, money, health insurance, and food are denied, and so are luxuries that women cannot physically buy for themselves because are they are forced to rely on men to buy them instead. This is EXTORTION!

Patriarchy logic: if women can’t work and/or can’t earn as much as men for the same jobs, women then need men to access goods and services women cannot buy for themselves, and then men can exploit that and get blowjobs/sex whenever they want, and women are forced to rely on their looks and “likability” for survival. It is very easy to exploit a group of people when you discriminate against them and deny them equal pay, higher positions and jobs so they cannot fulfill their own needs and desires in life and therefore have to resort to and rely on a privileged group of people to get it: men, and what do men want? Sex. So the patriarchy is just a big scam to exploit women for sex and make them into sex slaves. Male patriarchists (and female patriarchists) have fought against women attaining the right to vote, own land, be educated, speak up, and choose when they could have sex so that women would have to continue serving men as their sex slaves, or else not be allowed to have anything at all. The patriarchy, and men in general, have always been women’s biggest threat to survival.

Abortion remains one of the last avenues that the patriarchy uses to try and control women and still treat them like they are still slaves and cows. Moo!

Women have been forced to do things they have not wanted to do, FOR SURVIVAL AND/OR BY THREAT, FROM MEN AND FOR MEN, for MILLENIA (THOUSANDS OF YEARS), and the fight for liberation and freedom continues! Abortion remains one of the last few areas where men and society still control women who continue to be treated like slaves, as if their bodies are not their own and belong to someone else. If the patriarchy could have it their way, we would all go back to the cave days where men took whatever they wanted regardless of ethics or trauma caused. The past is dark, but the future is hopeful. As painful and horrifying as history (AHEM HERSTORY FOR ONCE?) is, perhaps the future must be just as bright and wonderful, and that gives me the strength to continue to fight for women to have the same rights and privileges as men and finally be free.

Let’s continue to build on the women’s rights movement to help women lead freer, happier, healthier, higher-quality lives.

Let’s continue to build on the women’s rights movement to help women lead freer, happier, healthier, higher-quality lives. I care about women, and so should everyone else. The GOAL OF FEMINISM is not to take anything away anything from men, but to restore rightful dignity to women and all human beings. Feminism says everyone should be treated with equal respect and that this would produce a better world without as much suffering. Feminism embraces equal opportunity so everyone can realize their own dreams. This is a utopian paradigm which would benefit everyone, even men, who would also have a better quality of life if only women were allowed to pursue their full potential and control their own destinies.

Let’s help society advance toward a future where women are treated with equal respect and dignity alongside men in society and are free to choose their own destinies, which would benefit everyone, not just women.

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Let’s advance toward a future where women are treated with dignity alongside men in society and are free to choose their own destinies, which would benefit everyone, not just women. When you donate, you are saving a woman’s life. Give now and support your fellow bitches. Stay tuned & sexually satisfied! Also, the word “whore” is used to separate women from each other through shaming and pinning women against each other, thereby manipulating them by making them feel bad. Dirty patriarchy! Let’s end that by uniting behind the word ‘whore’. WE’RE ALL WHORES. WHORE. Also, if you’re not trying to get your whore pregnant, wear a condom. Condoms help to prevent unwanted pregnancy and protect both partners from infection. Also, make sure you have consent. Of course, condoms can break, so there’s always modern medicine, like abortion, to cure your woes! Whore-ray!™ Donate today by clicking on the Donate button on the Charities page tab above.