Feminism is not the disempowerment of men, it is the empowerment of all human beings (including men), animals and the planet. Feminism advocates for all humans to have the equal opportunity to harness their full potential. Running society on such an ideal would make the economy stronger, drive innovation, eradicate poverty, make everyone happier (even those who think they benefit from unfairness and injustice), and invest in the greatest untapped source of potential in the world: Women. Such socioeconomic changes require global, cultural and mental shifts and would lead to a more fair, honest and compassionate world. They would dissolve the abusive, corrupt powers that lead to war, hunger, pollution, trash, poverty and genocide.

This would create a more peaceful and productive global society which operates on mutual respect and fairness instead of greed and lust for power. Feminism and matriarchy restore balance, justice and harmony to a paternalistic and misogynist world and are innate principles of goodness directly tied to environmental, economic and social justice. Adopting a shift toward feminism and matriarchy would therefore curb the negative effects of climate change and instead promote humane and sustainable capitalism. It would also lead to stronger human and animal rights laws to protect those most vulnerable to abuse. Such changes require investing in women through education and making sure they have equal access to leadership and entrepreneurial opportunities.

This is not about elevating women over men; it is about repairing the damage done to the female sex and dignifying the pain of those who have suffered from thousands of years of abuse, neglect and discrimination brought on by the “patriarchy,” systems of power which favor men. This is not about giving something away to women that they don’t deserve or cannot earn for themselves; rather, it gives them the opportunity to earn it whereas before, none existed, and technological, scientific and cultural productivity is highest when society treats all human beings with respect and dignity. This is clearly evident when you compare cultures throughout history.

Ancient Egypt was one of the first ancient societies to recognize the power of the Divine Feminine and allow women to rule. Non-coincidentally, ancient Egyptians were also one of the most advanced ancient societies, their influence on human culture still evident today, with still near-frequent mentions of the 3800 year-old female Egyptian Pharaoh, Queen Nefertiti, in American pop culture, and photographs, homages to and creative renditions of her famous bust now preserved in Berlin, Germany. Most female potential all around the world is still waiting to be unlocked; it is the greatest gold mine that has ever existed. If you want to get rich, invest in Women. There is no higher, more sacred energy in the Universe than the energy which creates Life, and this is, in fact, what all the Universe aspires to do: create and birth life, just like women. Women were created in the image of the cosmos and to help fulfill this purpose by becoming guardians and gatekeepers of the souls who are born into this world, and to do this, they face the greatest, most intense pain known to humankind: giving birth. But where is the respect? Not just from men, but society at large? Women sure do also participate in the patriarchy, too!

To this day, women are still highly oppressed, abused and neglected and they perform the most under-appreciated, underpaid tasks in society all around the world: cleaning, housekeeping and being mothers, frequently, to children which were forced on them through rape. When you don’t invest in women and allow them to choose their own destiny in Life, they cannot harness their abilities, and then everyone loses, not just women. Lifting women up lifts everyone up because there are positive social, cultural, environmental and economic shifts which occur when we embrace the Divine Feminine and honor it with equal dignity alongside the Divine Masculine. This will restore balance, justice, beauty and harmony in the world and create a better, brighter future for everyone, even men.

There will be more joy, laughter, passion, justice, love and beauty by embracing the Divine Feminine. This involves infusing society with emapthy and compassion, the highest and most advanced forms of social intelligence. Brutality, cruelty and discrimination lack social and emotional intelligence and lead to dystopian, post-apocalyptic societies. However, we can live in a beautiful, vibrant, fair and loving world. We can have this, and if we want it, we have to embrace the Divine Feminine, Feminism, Compassion, Empathy, Dignity And Equal Respect For All. Feminism poses no risk or threat to anyone; rather, it only seeks to make the world a kinder and more beautiful place that will benefit everyone, even those who believe that they benefit from abuse and power. It is only ever an illusion that anyone benefits from evil. Rather, they are destroying the world around them, and in doing so, they are also destroying themselves.

Everything is connected. We need to care about each other and the suffering of others, and we need to stop treating living things like they are disposable objects to be thrown away. We can treat people with respect and even continue Dr. MLK’s work by dispensing a basic income to people to alleviate poverty and invest and guarantee everyone an education, right to mobility, right to housing, right to necessary medical care, and a right to clean food and water. It is possible. You can begin investing in Feminism today by donating to my Dumb Clubs™ on the Dumb Clubs™ tab. The clubs help women escape poverty and abuse, attain an education and get an elective abortion if that is what the woman wants.

They also help house homeless people and save the endangered Monarch Butterfly species. You can read more about my Dumb (Feminist) Clubs on the Dumb Clubs page. Butterflies are magical, beautiful creatures and we should fight to save them. Anyway, if it is possible to save the world, we can only do it with Feminism. Talk to your friends and family about Feminism and the right to dignity for all human beings, animals and the planet. Encourage them to become feminists and become involved in all things Feminist, because the more support we have as a movement, the better. Feminism is indeed the answer to all the world’s problems. Thank you for reading my article, and I hope to now have you on board!