Sup my fellow bitches & hoes.

Hello there! If you don’t already know, my name is Lindsey & I’m a magic pixie fairy. According to Wikipedia, I steal horses and children and lead travelers astray, but honestly I don’t really do that too often. Welcome to my website where I use my voice, power and energy to help women, and some animals, too, like men! ‘But did you like that joke though? Did you? Punk?’ ‘Yeah that was pretty good, wasn’t it?’ Said my tits.

Big brown eyes, great tits and a sense of humor. You’re so lucky.

#Boobtalk. ‘OMG her boobs talk! OMG.’ Yes, when it’s raining, my tits can tell me it’s already raining, just like Amanda Seyfried in Mean Girls. Actually, my tits tell me it’s going to rain before it does. They’re psychic boobs. Actually my boobs tell me that bees are dying and we need to stop using pesticides and herbicides on plants and poisoning our own food. What intelligent species poisons its own food anyway?’ – Said my tits. Intellectual tits. Have you ever met intellectual tits? They’re fun. Look at my full lips below.

Rocking these nice big lips for y’all, & not just talking about the ones on my face.
I’m so pretty.

On the tabs below, there are a bunch of pages to read about great causes you can donate to, and you can support them all at once by making a donation below. If you donate at least $10,000,000 (ten million dollars) in a single donation, you can request to be named in my year-end post where I let everyone know how much we raised for the year & you can have me include information about you and/or your business to be seen by all my followers! This works well for advertising & sponsorships. What a great way to give back & also help yourself too! Whore-ray! Together, we can change the world.™ Or something like that. I don’t know. Whatever. Boobs?

My face after you donate $10,000,000+! Yay! (And that’s a real smile, too.)

Now you can make a $5+ donation below. Donate an unlimited number of times. 80% of your donation goes to the following organizations after processing fees. Your donations are split evenly among the five feminist causes listed – Girls Education, Homelessness, Domestic Violence Victims, Monarch Butterflies & Abortion Accessibility. I retain a 20% host admin fee from your donation for: server, host & all site fees, IRS fees, my time spent writing all these great jokes because I’m so super talented, writing these educational articles for you to read and uploading these beautiful photos for you to look at, as your super gorgeous host! Yay!

Yes I’m so pretty.

Please note: This is NOT a 501 (c) organization, so you may not be able to write these donations off on your taxes as they are not tax deductible. Consult your accountant. However, when you donate here, you are not only supporting the 5 great causes I laid out; you are also supporting me and my mission in life to make the world more female-friendly and fair for everyone, so you’re really supporting 6 great causes when you donate through me! Further, I perform the added services for you of educating you about these topics and making you laugh in addition to making a donation on your behalf to these causes! I send your donations to these organizations at the end of each year and announce how much we raised in my end of year post!

  1. THE MALALA FUND, for Girls’ Education  
  2. PLANNED PARENTHOOD, for Affordable, Safe, Legal Elective Abortions
  4. HAND UP, for Homelessness and Anti-poverty  
  5. THE NATIONAL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOTLINE, for Domestic Violence Victims

Thanks for your donations to these great causes that help save lives and remember, my tits are amazing!

CURRENT FUNDRAISED TOTAL 2022: $160 – Nice job!


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