Pollinators are not dumb or disposable and we should not treat them as if they are, and yet we are! They are beautiful, precious creatures and required by Nature to help keep ecosystems going, even ours! Help save Monarch Butterflies, and bees, from extinction! Genetically modified foods (GMO’s) have been a disaster for butterflies and their ecosystem (stop your eyes from glazing over just because the word ecosystem is in this paragraph. Pay attention. Still there? Okay good. Tits!) Genetically modified foods are modified so they are immune to the pesticides and herbicides used on them which kill butterfly host plants, such as the Milkweed plant on which Monarch Butterflies lay their eggs. It’s the only plant Monarchs can eat when they’re caterpillars. Corn, soy, and other vegetables and plants are examples of foods that are frequently genetically modified. Make sure you’re buying NON-GMO to help save the butterflies!

Do not buy food if ‘modified’ is in the ingredients, because you are paying for toxic food which kills butterflies & YOU. GMO’s still have residue poisons on them which were used to kill butterfly host plants. This is not good for you, unlike these lactating sex toy tits! Anyway, GMO’S are only legal because Congress accepts bribes. It’s not because they’re good. And, other highly advanced countries, such as Denmark, Germany and the UK, have already criminalized GMO’s because they harmful to people and the environment. Punk.

Hello stranger.

Disturbingly, I keep seeing confused bees walking around in circles and I know it’s from the chemicals being sprayed on plants by Big Ag. There is a mass extinction going on. This is making humans and animals sick and will eventually cause the collapse of all ecosystems. There is a coming apocalypse. Everything that is good and beautiful that is free right now is being destroyed. You should be terrified. But anywayyyyyy.

So glamorous. I got so lucky.

You should only buy Non-GMO, pesticide-free foods. Organic does not mean pesticide-free. Buy completely chemical-free foods, because then you know the food is clean, and was grown, what’s that word, it’s right at the tip of my tongue, just like when I am sucking on your – oh yes that’s right! E-T-H-I-C-A-L-LY! The food was grown ethically! What a thought! Ethically grown food! Ethically done ANYTHING by America! The concept! But I guess that’s a lot to expect from a country that used slave labor and genocide to get started and did not allow women to have any rights until the early 1900’s. History, so fun! *cough* Herstory.

Not my orgasm but pretty.

NON-GMO foods will have the little red butterfly (Monarch Butterfly) symbol on them to let you know you are saving the Monarch Butterfly by buying them. It’s called the Non-GMO project. You are also saving yourself, too, by buying Non-GMO. To remain fertile, it is important you avoid GMO’s because they are associated with infertility. There are so many evils associated with GMO’s that they should have never been allowed in the first place, but of course, it was profitable, and anything that is profitable is allowed just because it’s good for business, right congressman? What ethics? How nice would it be if we did not destroy the planet by doing anything we do, right?

Let’s keep the world beautiful and life-nourishing just like our tits! (Men that goes for you too because apparently you have the ability to lactate if someone sucks on your nipples for long enough.) Besides eating Non-GMO, planting Milkweed host plants in your yard and being kind to butterflies, you can donate to save the butterflies! You can donate more if you wish and also donate as many times as you want. Thank you very much for your time spent reading this page, and remember, my tits are the best tits in the world. Vote for me to be President. Click the Donate button on the Charities page. Your donations are split up among the five great causes listed on the Charities page.

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