Women die from abortion bans and even IUD’s but no man has ever died from a vasectomy. 70,000 women around the world die from abortion bans every year. Women also commit suicide when forced to carry pregnancies. Abortion bans of any length are extremely harmful to women. Christian crisis pregnancy centers prey on pregnant women and lie to them about abortion, even going so far as to falsely tell them ectopic pregnancy won’t kill them and abortion causes mental illness and breast cancer, which it does not. It causes personal liberty and financial freedom.

This is just about punishing and trying to control women for living outside of the teachings of the Catholic Church, however, they are going so far as to say raped women, even having been impregnated by male family members, should be forced to carry, even 11 year old girls. They are empowering pedophiles who rape 11 year old girls by giving them the power to sue 11 year old girls and force them to carry the pregnancy, after having already been raped, and split their body open to give birth. At 12 years old. They want to take away your right to use contraception so you lose the right to have sex and control your reproduction at all.

They are also trying to prevent interstate travel for abortion procedures. This is the rise of Christian fascism in America. Republicans are fascist, unconstitutional, dangerous and wrong. Are they trying to regulate men with mandated vasectomies? No. This is specifically geared toward the female sex, which is why it violates 14th Amendment’s equal protection under the Law and is sex discrimination. This is about pushing women back into gender roles and living under male rule. They want women to have no power, no authority, no education.

Abortion bans compromise medical care for women and kill them. Doctors let women die under abortion bans because women’s lives are no longer prioritized. Being pregnant under an abortion puts a woman’s life at risk even more than it already is with pregnancy alone. This is the beginning of the Handmaid’s tale and the rise of Christian fascism in America. They are trying to erase the separation between church and state and make Christianity and the Bible public policy and American law. Donald Trump already tried to violently overturn the last presidential election. If Trump is reelected, there is a good chance he could become a dictator and wipe out our democratic process.

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