The difference between a democracy (democrats) and a republic (republicans) is in democracy, every vote counts equally. In a group of 9 people, each cast their vote and each vote is tallied with equal weight. In a republic, less populated areas have more voting power than populated areas. In the USA, (1) the electoral college and (2) the senate do not grant equal voting power to all votes tallied and they do not account for the huge difference in populations between states. This is especially true in the Senate, where a state like California has the same number of senators as Wyoming, which is no where near as populated.

The founding fathers created the senate as a way to have all states enjoy equal power, while the House of Representatives would accurately reflect the difference in populations. However, I don’t think the founders ever intended for the united states to be ruled by a religious minority, and it goes against their wishes that any minority, especially a religious minority, would enjoy fascist rule over the majority. This creates the problem that white people from rural American states have more voting power than the heavily populated, diverse states New York and California. This allows white rural voters to prevent the much denser populated states California and New York from appointing Supreme Court justices even with a liberal House of Representatives and liberal President.

This is an overreach of power and is wrong. We should abolish the electoral college and expand the Supreme Court to 13 justices instead of 9. The reasoning is, we always had 9 Supreme Court justices to reflect the 9 appellate courts beneath them. There are now 13 appellate courts in the US court of appeals, so we should have 13 Supreme Court justices to reflect that. And there is not a better time to fill the court with liberal justices after at least 2 seats were stolen from democratic presidents by the senate. In addition, EACH of the judges on the Supreme Court currently who were appointed by Trump and approved by congress, lied to get their appointments, to congress and the world, under oath.

It is abhorrent and corrupt that such a precedent be set, that judges can lie to congress to secure their seat, that they may collect money from religious and political organizations to sway their decisions, and that they may vote down their party line instead of respecting stare decisis and legal precedent and remain fair and objective, which is their job that you are paying them for. This is the beginning of the rise of Christian fascism in America and if it does not affect you directly yet, it will. It will come for you too.

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